• Collection Number ΝΓ0974
  • Date Early Cycladic I - Plastiras Phase
    3200 - 2800
  • Description Hemispherical bowl with a pierced lug but without a base. Α shallow horizontal groove emphasizes the rim. The type is characteristic of the Early Cycladic I period. Several examples of the type preserve traces of red pigmant in the interior surface. Most marble vessels of the Early Bronze Age Cyclades have been found in graves. As, however, only a small number of graves contained such items we can plausibly assume that they were available only to the wealthier members of Cycladic communities. The process of producing a marble vessel must have been time-consuming and costly and required a considerable level of expertise. Therefore, there can be little doubt that marble vessels were objects of value, although we are not able to assess their precise function in funerary rituals or to determine whether they were used also in everyday life.
  • Culture Cycladic
  • Period Early Bronze Age
  • Material marble
  • Dimensions H: 5.8 cm / RD: 15.7 cm
  • Object Provenance From Naxos(?)
  • Exhbition Gallery 1st floor / Cycladic Art
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