Female figurine of the Dokathismata variety

  • Collection Number ΝΓ0310
  • Date Early Cycladic II - Syros Phase
    2800 b.C. - 2300 b.C.
  • Description While the greatest number of Early Bronze Age female figurines with folded arms have been produced in the Cyclades, the type was clearly known throughout the Aegean world, as several examples have been found in Mainland Greece, Crete and Asia Minor. The material used to sculpt this figure - a greenish stone instead of the far more common white marble - may point to a provenance outside the Cyclades, possibly in Attica. The seven creases across the abdomen are usually interpreted as post-partum wrinkles, a theory strengthened by the existence of figurines with swollen abdomens, taken to indicate pregnancy.
  • Culture Cycladic
  • Period Early Bronze Age
  • Material stone
  • Dimensions H: 30.7 cm
  • Object Provenance From Attica(?)
  • Exhbition Gallery 1st floor / Cycladic Art
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