Spool-shaped pyxis

  • Collection Number ΝΓ0263
  • Date Early Cycladic II - Syros Phase
    2800 - 2300
  • Description The spool-shaped pyxis is a development of the simpler cylindrical variant of the Early Cycladic I period. The projecting lid and base together with the successive horizontal grooves that decorate the body, give the vessel the shape of a spool. The body has higher walls, chamfered at the top to receive the lid. In several cases there are one or two pairs of corresponding holes in the projecting sections of the lid and the base, so that the two parts of the pyxis could be fastened with twine, leather thong or string and the vase could be carried or hung safely.
  • Culture Cycladic
  • Period Early Bronze Age
  • Material marble
  • Dimensions H: 4.7 cm / D (lid): 8.6 cm
  • Object Provenance From Schinousa(?)
  • Exhbition Gallery 1st floor / Cycladic Art
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