Unfinished figurine

  • Collection Number ΝΓ0209
  • Date Early Cycladic II - Syros Phase
    2800 - 2300
  • Description One of the rare examples of unfinished figurines that have survived from the Early Cycladic period. The various parts of the body (head, torso, legs) have been only crudely carved, showing no details at all. For unknown reasons, no further carving was done and the surface did not undergo the final process of smoothing and polishing. Unfinished figurines, though rare, are nevertheless extremely useful to archaeological research; surface analysis of the stone can yield a wealth of information, helping to determine the types and material of tools used to work the stone and the techniques employed in carving, smoothing and polishing a Cycladic figurine.
  • Culture Cycladic
  • Period Early Bronze Age
  • Material marble
  • Dimensions H: 12 cm
  • Exhbition Gallery 1st floor / Cycladic Art
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